Surnames Genealogy Cheat Sheet

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You'll love this if:
  • You want to know where your family's last name comes from
  • You've ever had trouble finding your ancestor's maiden name
  • You want solutions for finding common names in records and genealogy websites
The Cheat Sheet contains:
  • a roundup of common origins for surnames and surname meanings
  • tips for researching common names
  • tips for researching maiden names, including a list of genealogy records likely to include them
  • expert guidance on surname-related myths, such as family crests and the "Ellis Island myth" of immigrant name-change
  • a tutorial for searching by surname on genealogy websites, including notes on "match exactly" search features and the Soundex system
  • notes on what DNA tests can (and can't) tell you about ancestral surnames, plus information on using Y-DNA for surname research
  • a summary of shared surname tools offered by major DNA testing companies
  • a quick guide to surname origin maps
  • a typable Surname Variant Chart for recording spelling variations of your ancestor's name
  • links to resources for more surname research, include books and websites for researching names from specific ethnicities
The Surnames Genealogy Cheat Sheet comes in a portable PDF you can load up on your iPad, tablet or laptop for on-site research, as well as print out to keep on your desk or in your research binder for easy reference.
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