Adoption Genealogy Cheat Sheet

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DNA testing is making it more possible for adopted people to identify their birth families. This easy-reference cheat sheet will help you use genealogical records and genetic genealogy websites to search for your birth family.

In the Adoption Genealogy Cheat Sheet, you’ll discover:

  • The seven most important steps to finding your birth family
  • A state-by-state listing of adoption resource registries
  • Summaries of "identifying" versus "nonidentifying" information in adoption-related records
  • Which US states have open-access, limited-access, and closed adoption records, plus tips for overcoming challenges in obtaining vital records
  • What autosomal DNA tests, Y-DNA tests, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests are, and what each can tell you about your family tree
  • What is X-DNA, and what ancestors you share if you match someone on the X chromosome
  • How to use the amount of DNA (in centimorgans) you share with a match to figure out your relationship to that match
  • Listing of websites, social media groups like DNA Detectives, and books for adoption research and DNA analysis help
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