Genetic Genealogy Cheat Sheet

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Genetic genealogy has become a family history necessity. Not because it can solve all of your brick wall problems—it can’t. Not because it acts as a quick substitute for traditional research—it doesn’t. But because it is an incredible tool when used in conjunction with your years of hard-earned genealogy research. DNA testing can connect you with living cousins, steer your ancestral hunt away from dead ends and lead your family tree investigations in promising new directions. It can provide strong evidence of an ancestral connection, and even suggest when—and where—the most recent common ancestor might’ve lived. This cheat sheet outlines (in plain English) how you can get started using genealogical DNA testing to unpuzzle your own ancestry questions with at-a-glance charts, tips and resources.The Genetic Genealogy Cheat Sheet is an eight-page PDF download enhanced with hyperlinks so you can click right through to try the recommend strategies.What You’ll learn:•the basics of genetic inheritance•all about the different kinds of DNA tests, including: autosomal (atDNA), mitochondrial (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome (Y-DNA)•where to get your DNA tested•what DNA can and can’t do for your genealogy research•the important terms needed to understand genetic genealogy•how to read and analyze DNA test results•how to find your most recent common ancestor (MRCA)•what the best websites are for genetic genealogy
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