Scandinavian Genealogy Cheat Sheet

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Researching Scandinavian ancestors? You'll want to keep this at-a-glance genealogy reference close at hand. The Scandinavian Genealogy Cheat Sheet is designed to quickly deliver the information you need to understand the records of your Scandinavian ancestors.

In this cheat sheet, you'll get:

  • 6 steps to Scandinavian research success
  • Scandinavian geography guide with a map showing modern borders and cities of Denmark, Norway and Sweden; names of historical and modern administrative divisions; and notes on major emigration ports and predominant religions
  • language chart showing common words and symbols found in Scandinavian genealogical records, along with their translations in English
  • Examples of top Scandinavian records
  • translation guide covering Scandinavian names and alphabets
  • historical Scandinavian timeline
  • resource list of essential websites and books for Scandinavian genealogy research
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