Genealogy Source Citation Cheat Sheet

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Want easy, plain-English instructions to help you keep track of your genealogical sources? So did the staff of Family Tree Magazine! We developed this cheat sheet for folks like us who want to document their work according to genealogical standards, but feel overwhelmed or confused by the scholarly literature on the topic.

- Allison Dolan, Family Tree MagazinePublisher and Community Leader

One of the most common regrets genealogists express is is "I wish I had cited my sources from the beginning."When you're starting to do family history, or you're starting to cite sources, it can be hard to find user-friendly help with the source citation process. The genealogy Source Citation Cheat Sheet is a quick reference you can use to create and organize citations for the sources where you find genealogy information.It will help you:
  • understand the function of source citations
  • gather the right information to put in your source citations
  • format citations according to the standards set in Evidence! Explained: Citing History Sources From Artifacts to Cyberspace by Elizabeth Shown Mills
  • connect the citation for a source with the information derived from that source
  • use source management tools in your genealogy desktop software
The Source Citation Cheat Sheet, a PDF digital download, contains seven pages of easy-to-use charts, lists and explanations including:
  • how citing genealogy sources can improve your family history research
  • overview of the source citation process
  • anatomy of a source citation
  • example citations to model yours after
  • tips for making source citations easier
  • overview of source citation features in popular genealogy desktop software
  • glossary of key terms
  • websites, books and journals for further learning
You'll want to keep this Source Citation Cheat Sheet handy near your computer and in your library research binder.
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