Genealogy Source Citation Cheat Sheet

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One of the most common regrets genealogists express is "I wish I had cited my sources from the beginning." When you're starting to do family history, or you're starting to cite sources, it can be hard to find user-friendly help with the source citation process. The Source Citations Cheat Sheet is a quick-reference guide for creating and organizing references to your hard-won genealogy sources.

The Cheat Sheet will help you:

  • understand the function of source citations
  • gather the right information to put in your source citations
  • format citations according to the standards set in Evidence! Explained: Citing History Sources From Artifacts to Cyberspace by Elizabeth Shown Mills
  • connect the citation for a source with the information derived from that source
  • use source management tools in your genealogy desktop software

The Source Citation Cheat Sheet, a PDF digital download, contains eight pages of easy-to-use charts, lists and explanations including:

  • how citing genealogy sources can improve your family history research
  • overview of the source-citation process
  • anatomy of a source citation
  • example citations to model yours after
  • tips for making source citations easier
  • overview of source citation features in popular genealogy desktop software
  • glossary of key terms
  • websites, books and journals for further learning

You'll want to keep this Source Citation Cheat Sheet handy near your computer and in your library research binder.

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