Civil War Genealogy Cheat Sheet

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The American Civil War involved about 2.75 million men serving from states in the North and South. Is one of these soldiers or sailors in your family tree? Use this easy-reference cheat sheet to discover your Union or Confederate ancestor’s Civil War service.It gives you essential genealogy information to research your ancestor in the War Between the States, including
  • Five key steps to trace your Civil War ancestor.
  • At-a-glance chart of 12 kinds of Civil War genealogy records for the Union and the Confederacy, and where to find them. This includes service, pension, draft and prisoner of war records, along with lesser-known sources like Southern Claims Commission records, Freedmen’s Bureau documents, soldiers’ home registers, and war diaries and letters.
  • How to research African-American Civil War soldiers who served with the US Colored Troops
  • Where to find records of the Union or Confederate Navy
  • Glossary of Civil War terminology
  • Clues in Civil War-era mystery photos
  • Map of Union, Confederate and border states.
  • Civil War history timeline.
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