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Irish Genealogy
A Guide to Geography, History and Records

Whether you're just starting your search for Irish ancestry or you're a longtime Irish genealogist, you'll want to keep this at-a-glance print research guide handy. The Irish Genealogy Cheat Sheet compiles critical facts, tips and resources into a quick-reference format that will help you research more efficiently and effectively.

You'll love this if:

  • You're tracing ancestors in Ireland or Northern Ireland
  • You want essential facts and resources for Irish genealogy accessible at your fingertips

What's inside the cheat sheet?

  • Charts explaining Ireland's administrative divisions, including the counties and provinces of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • A full-page, full-color map showing Ireland's counties and county seats
  • Graphs illustrating Irish immigration to the United States by era
  • A Chart of the top 20 surnames in Ireland in the late 1800s, when many Irish came to America; includes Irish surname meanings, variations and counties where most prevalent
  • Timeline of key moments in Irish history that genealogists need to know
  • A guide to using Griffith’s Valuation, one of the most valuable Irish genealogy tools available
  • Details on key Irish records at a glance
  • Six keys to Irish genealogy success
  • A roundup of the best websites, publications and archives for Irish genealogy

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  • Printed on semi-matte paper
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