Learning Track: Genealogy Websites

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  • Track 1:  Genealogy Websites
  • Learning Track: Genealogy Websites
  • Learning Track: Genealogy Websites
  • Learning Track: Genealogy Websites
  • Learning Track: Genealogy Websites
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Level-up your research with Family Tree University's step-by-step courses and expert guidance.

Uncover your family history faster. This 3-course program from Family Tree University equips you with the skills to streamline your online research and avoid roadblocks.


This track is perfect for YOU if:

  • You're just starting your genealogy journey and want to learn the right way to research.
  • You're a seasoned researcher looking to search smarter, not harder and find those elusive ancestors.
  • You want to master the top 3 online genealogy tools: Google Search, FamilySearch, and MyHeritage.
  • You crave expert guidance from genealogy professionals to break through research roadblocks.


What's Included:

Course 1: Google Search Success for Genealogy

Learn powerful search techniques to uncover hidden records and ancestral details online.
(July 15 - August 11, 2024 MSRP $99.99) Course Details.

Course 2: Become a FamilySearch Power User

Master FamilySearch, a leading free genealogy platform, to find birth certificates, census records, and more.
(August 5 - September 1, 2024 MSRP $99.99) Course Details.

Course 3: Master MyHeritage in 4 Weeks

Gain expertise in MyHeritage, another popular platform, to leverage its unique features and build a rich family tree.
(September 16 - October 13, 2024 MSRP $99.99) Course Details.


Plus, receive these exclusive bonuses!

Ancestry's Hidden Gems - Master New Tools & Discoveries

Live Webinar (August 2024): Stay ahead of the curve with insights on Ancestry.com's latest features and resources. (MSRP $49.99)

Ultimate Genealogy Websites Guide eBook (138 pages): Discover the top genealogy websites and how to use them to your advantage. (MSRP $19.99)

How FTU courses work:
  • Register for the course on this page
  • On the start date, log into our eLearning platform
  • Access to the course instructor runs until the course end date
  • After the course ends, you can read course materials for one year
  • Instructor and discussion board access will also end when the course concludes, so make sure you reach out and ask questions!
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