Family Tree Magazine September 2017 Digital Edition

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So many resources for searching your family history, right at your fingertips! This issue is filled with handy information for finding your ancestors, from the 101 Best Websites of 2017 to researching our relatives who served in the Vietnam War. You’ll get plenty of tools to research cemetery records and resources to uncover the “why” behind your ancestor’s emigration, along with great ideas to get your kids involved in the process.

What's Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:
    101 Best Genealogy Websites
  • 7 Cemetery Records to Find Right Now
  • 6 Tips for Dead-End DNA Matches
  • 7 Fun Family History Projects for Kids


Free TradeBy David A. FryxellDiscover 101 of the best free genealogy websites to find vital records, censuses, maps and other tools of the family history trade.Think of the ChildrenBy Sunny Jane Morton with Cheryl Felix McClellanThese seven tried-and-true family history activities let kids explore their heritage and build lasting memories.Researching Vietnam War VeteransBy Diane HaddadAs Ken Burns’ gripping new documentary provides a personal look at the Vietnam War, here’s how you can start learning more about the experiences of your relatives who served.Setting SailBy Melody Amsel-ArieliWhen and where your European ancestors arrived in North America is only half the story. Now it’s time to learn why and how they left.No Stone UnturnedBy Joy NeighborsTombstones aren’t the only records available in the graveyard. Bring your ancestors’ deaths (and lives) to light with these seven cemetery resources.Quick Guide: Italian Ancestry ResearchThis Italian Genealogy pull out cheat sheet keeps handy research tips and resources within easy reach.


  • Genealogy Insider
  • State Research Guides: Pennsylvania and Arizona
  • The Toolkit
  • History Matters: Board Games
  • Now What? Answers to your genealogy questions
  • DNA Solutions
  • Document Detective
  • Family Archivist
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