Family Tree Magazine March/April 2016 Digital Edition

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This issue of Family Tree Magazine has everything you need to expand your family tree with online sources. Our experts offer strategies for furthering German research, backing up digital family history, and uncovering new family history facts. Plus, we offer in-depth guides for using, Findmypast, MyHeritage and FamilySearch.

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You'll Love this If...
  • you are searching foreign newspapers
  • you're looking for the best family history apps
  • you're interested in setting up a family website
  • you have trouble with language barriers in German research

What's Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:
  • 50 free family history databases
  • German Heritage Guide: Online tools for overcoming language barriers
  • Searching newspapers from the "Old Country"
  • Insider Tips for, Findmypast and MyHeritage
  • Best family history apps
  • 5 easy ways to back up your digital research
  • 23 Not-Just-For-Genealogy Websites
  • FamilySearch Tutorial: Digitized Books
  • 6 steps to set up a family websites


50 Free Family History DatabasesBy Dana McCulloughJust like the grocery store tempts you with those yummy free tastes, genealogy websites offer tantalizing freebies to whet your research appetite. Try these 50 delicious databases for free!German Heritage Guide: Online Tools for Overcoming Language BarriersBy James M. BeidlerThe language barrier can really put a crimp in your German genealogy research. Get help tracing your Deutsch ancestors' names and places with these online tools.Tutorial: Searching Newspapers from the Old CountryBy Rick CrumeOld newspapers' genealogical bounty isn't limited to US kin. We show you how to research ancestors in online papers of your family's homeland.Insider Tips for, Findmypast and MyHeritageBy Sunny Jane MortonHow do the "big three" genealogy sites measure up to each other--and to your research needs? We compare the sites' records, search features and more.5 Easy Ways to Back up Your Digital ResearchBy Denise May LevenickCreate a custom, comprehensive "insurance plan" to back up your valuable family photos and genealogy research files.Best Family History AppsBy Lisa Louise CookeChoosing family history apps can be like watching a three-ring circus--but not when you let our apps ringmaster direct you to the best genealogy tools for your mobile device.23 Not-Just-For-Genealogy WebsitesBy Lisa A.AlzoReap the rewards of expanding your online family history research to these 23 not-just-for-genealogy websites.FamilySearch Tutorial: Digitized BooksBy Dana McCullough and Diane HaddadLearn how to mine the record, indexes, local histories and more in's free, digitized collection of family history books.6 Steps to set up a Family WebsiteBy David A. FryxellIt's easy and inexpensive to set up a family history website that'll put you in charge of your clan's online dream home, and our expert walks you through step by step.


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