Family Tree Magazine March/April 2015 Digital Edition

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Genealogy Website Quick Guides

By Rick Crume

The largest and most popular websites for genealogists are constantly growing and improving. This issue contains quick guides for the following genealogy websites, covering the newest additions, search strategies and user tips, visual search tutorials, helpful links and more:


Other Features:

Tricks of the Trade: 10 Key Genealogy Research Websites

By Rick Crume

Our guide to 10 top websites for researching your family history highlights the newest additions and offers tips for discovering ancestral information on,, and more. Includes:

  • Available records
  • Searching success strategies
  • Case studies
  • And more

5 Ways to use Maps for Genealogy

By Sunny Jane Morton

Today many of map images and other geographical tools are available on the internet. Discover five powerful ways online maps can help you solve research problems and envision your ancestors’ world.

Genealogist’s Google Cheat Sheet

Our experts put together the ultimate guide to Google for genealogy research. This extensive, eight-page cheat sheet includes:

  • Search operators
  • Visual search tutorials
  • Guides to Google Books and Google News Archive
  • And more

Organized Ever After with Evernote

By Lisa Louise Cooke

The free Evernote bookmarking tool is made for managing research projects. Our six-step guide will help you use it for happily organized genealogy searching.

32 Free Social History Websites

By Shelley K. Bishop

Why settle for dry, lifeless ancestors? Add context and color to their stories with these 32 robust, free social history websites.

32 Top International Research Websites

By Terri J. Bridgwater

Whether your family has called itself American for a few years or a few centuries, chances are those branches lead back to other lands. Discover 32 top websites to retrace your ethnic and immigrant ancestry to all corners of the earth.

Photo Opportunities: 14 Historical Photo Websites

By Maureen A. Taylor

The web is full of chances to find photos for your family tree. Search these 14 sites for pictures of your ancestors and the places they lived.

6 Ways to Crowdsource Genealogy Research

By Lisa A. Alzo

Don’t go at it alone! Learn how to tap other genealogists’ expertise by using the web to crowdsource your research. We teach you:

  • Where to find other researchers
  • How to seek guidance
  • Social Media dos and don’ts
  • And more
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