Webinar Recording: Time and Place: Using Genealogy’s “Cross-Hairs”

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Time and Place: Using Genealogy’s “Cross-Hairs”

The more that beginning genealogists put themselves in the “time and place” of the ancestor for whom they are searching, the better the chances that they will do the most thorough search of all available records. See how learning an area’s history will help your family history.

Webinar took place, Wednesday, November 16, 2022

***All registrants get access to the webinar recording the following day.***

What You'll Learn:

  • How to avoid “presentism” and the modern-day assumptions that might poison your searches.
  • What the difference is between linear and non-lineage history of record-making political units.
  • Looking at time and place as pair of cross-hairs that change with each ancestor researched.
  • Utilizing the bywords of “reading, researching, and finding” to effectively learn about the time and place.
  • Using chronologies to help you find more records about your ancestors.

About the instructor:

James M. Beidler is interim executive director for Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. He’s authored four commercially published books—including three on German genealogy— writes “Roots & Branches,” a weekly newspaper column/blog, is a German Life magazine columnist, and editor emeritus of Der Kurier, the quarterly journal of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society. 

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