Research Your Scots-Irish Family History - June 2024

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Learn all the valuable tips and tools for tracing your family history back to Ulster.

June 21, 2024 - July July 21, 2024


If you have Scots-Irish ancestry, this course is for you! It contains the valuable tips and tools for tracing your family history back to Ulster.

By the end of the course, you'll have a general understanding Ulster's settlement in the seventeenth century, as well as the migration of the Ulster-Scots people to America in the eighteenth century.

Plus, you'll learn how to leave no stone unturned in your research and tackle some of the more challenging aspects of Ulster-Scots research.


Note for Students: The material in this course is geared to help genealogists whose ancestors left Ulster and came to the American Colonies in the 18th century. 


Course Workload:

  • Approx. 8 hours to complete
  • 100% Online using our eLearning Platform
  • 4 lessons complete with skill-building exercises and quizzes


What You’ll Learn

  • History of the settlement of Ulster and of Scots-Irish migration
  • How to identify Scots-Irish ancestors
  • Understand the limitations of Irish research
  • How to find Irish records
  • Techniques for scaling brick walls


What’s Included:

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Expert Support from Course Instructor
  • Video Presentations
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Student Discussion Board
  • Downloadable Course Materials


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  • After the course ends, you can read course materials for one year
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Instructor Bio:

Amanda Epperson, who completed her Ph.D. in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow, is the eLearning Producer at Family Tree University. She is the author of The Family Tree Scottish Genealogy Guide.


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