Webinar Recording - Pennsylvania's Launching Pads into the Midwest

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It seems in the 1850 U.S. Census that every other person in the Midwest was born in Pennsylvania. But where in Pennsylvania? This presentation will give you the best sources and methodologies to find a specific Pennsylvania origin.

Webinar took place, September 14, 2021

Many Midwestern families spent a generation or more in Pennsylvania before migrating throughout the region as it grew in the 1800s. Hear the details on major migration routes they took from the Keystone state—and how to track the families back to Pennsylvania with a variety of records and methodologies.

In this webinar recording you will learn:

  • The background on Pennsylvania’s early history and records
  • How to profile the most likely migration routes from Pennsylvania to the Midwest
  • Explore the records most likely to help you narrow down from where in Pennsylvania they came 

About the instructor:

James M. Beidler is a research-reports editor for Legacy Tree Genealogists. He’s authored four commercially published books—including three on German genealogy— writes “Roots & Branches,” a weekly newspaper column/blog, is a German Life magazine columnist, and editor emeritus of Der Kurier, the quarterly journal of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society.

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