Genealogist's Google Cheat Sheet

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Google is a powerful tool for discovering online information about your ancestors. And searching the web isn't Google's only strength: It's packed with other free features to enhance your family history research.

This cheat sheet will help you make the most of Google's free genealogy tools and records with at-a-glance charts, tips, tricks and example searches you need to research your family history online.

The Genealogist's Google Cheat Sheet is an eight-page PDF download enhanced with hyperlinks so you can click right through to try the recommended strategies. It gives you:

  • Google search operators chart with example searches
  • Google search syntaxes chart with example searches
  • Google reference tools chart
  • Quick links to useful Google tools and web pages
  • Sample search strategy to find an ancestor using Google
  • How to find old records and photos with Google Books, News Archive, Images and Patents
  • Model source citations for information found via Google Books and News Archive
  • Google Translate guide
  • Tips for using Maps, Earth, Drive and other free Google tools
  • Resources for learning more about Google's tools

Once you download the Genealogist's Google Cheat Sheet, you'll need a PDF reader, such as the free Adobe Reader software, to open it. Adobe Reader is available for both Macs and Windows computers.

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