Family Tree Magazine May/June 2017 Digital Edition

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This issue of Family Tree Magazine features tips for researching Irish civil registries, maximizing family history information and preserving Victorian-era photo albums. We also offer in-depth guides to U.S. census mortality schedules and researching North Carolina and Idaho records, as well as a bonus land records cheat sheet. Plus, our social history expert goes whole hog on bacon.

Who Should Buy this Issue:

You'll Love this If…
  • you have Irish ancestors
  • you need a primer on land records
  • known family members don’t appear on your DNA shared matches
  • your family tree has roots in North Carolina or Idaho
  • you need help identifying WWI-era photos

What's Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:
  • Discover your Irish Roots
  • 10 Research Myths Busted
  • 4 Ways to Find Ancestors with Old Maps
  • DNA Q&A: Examining Shared Matches
  • Fashion Clues to Solve WWI Photo Mysteries
  • State Genealogy Research Guides
  • Bonus! Quick Guide to Land Records


10 Research Myths BustedBy Julie Cahill TarrWe expose the truth behind 10 genealogy falsehoods that could sabotage your family tree.Irish Heritage Guide: Civil RegistrationsBy Claire SantryMany Irish records have been lost to fire and time, but a crucial group survives: civil registrations. Learn how to find and use these official records of your ancestors’ births, marriages and deaths.Fashion Clues to Solve WWI Photo MysteriesBy Maureen A. TaylorThe rapid transformation in WWI-era clothing styles can help you solve photo mysteries and illuminate your ancestors’ changing world.4 Ways to Find Ancestors with Old MapsBy Randy Majors and Sunny Jane MortonDid your ancestors drop off the map? Maybe it’s not because they moved, but because city boundaries shifted or street names changed. We’ll help you use old maps to solve place problems.4 Ways to Maximize Family History InformationBy Sunny Jane MortonHow do you get from a single old record to a fleshed-out family profile? By following the signs along your ancestor’s trail. We’ll lead the way.


  • Genealogy Insider: Reclaiming Restricted Records
  • History Matters: Bacon
  • Family Archivist: Vintage Photo Albums
  • Now What: Seneca Civil War Service, Scotch versus Scottish, and Danish Parish Record Headings
  • DNA Solutions: Missing Familial Matches
  • State Guides: North Carolina and Idaho
  • Research Roadmap: 1900 Houston
  • Document Detective: US Census Mortality Schedules
  • Roundup: 5 Revolutionary Research Tools
  • Quick Guide: DNA Health Tools
  • Tutorial: ArchiveGrid
  • Photo Finish: Babies
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