Family Tree Magazine February 2012 Digital Edition

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Now you can download this issue of Family Tree Magazine. It's in an easy-to-search PDF format that works on almost all computers equipped with the free Acrobat Reader program. The issue is compatible with PCs, Macs and many other computers.For a complete explanation of the process of downloading a digital product from our web site, please read our FAQ.PLEASE NOTE: This is a large file that is best downloaded with a broadband connection, such as DSL or a cable modem.FEATURESSelf-ImprovementBy Lisa A. AlzoBecome a better researcher with these 101 ways to a new genealogy you.Attitude AdjustmentBy David A. FryxellHas your pedigree been pilfered? Not sure how to put off that clinging cousin? Mr. Manners is here to help you handle all of your genealogy pet peeves.It's AcademicBy Tami Osmer GlatzGive your research methodology a makeover by utilizing an overlooked and underused resource: college and university libraries.Composite SketchesBy Sunny Jane MortonTransform your tree from mere names and dates to pictures of real people with these 10 revealing records.Address Your MessBy Maureen A. TaylorWe'll help you turn your piles of pictures into a model of photo organization in five steps.Genealogy Design StarBy Dana McCulloughChannel your inner interior decorator: Fix up your genealogy space with these 11 inspirational ideas and tools.Flip Your Family TreeBy Lisa A. AlzoDo your relatives stifle yawns when genealogy comes up? Turn their "oh's to "ahhh!"s with our 21 ways to revamp how you share your family history.SynchronicityBy Rick CrumeUse these tips to keep your family trees on your computer and on the web up-to-date and in sync.Computer CleanupBy Denise LevenickWant to spend time searching for your ancestors instead of files on your computer? Organize your hard drive with these five easy exercises.Tools of the TradeBy Thomas MacEnteeDoes it take you longer to look for online resources than to use them? Here's how to combine the best ones into an easy-access, timesaving research toolbox. 
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