Family Tree Magazine April 2005 Digital Edition

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FEATURESSurfing the CensusIf you haven't tapped into the trove of online census records, quit cranking and start clicking! We'll show you where and how to "Net" your ancestors' enumerations, including hints for using free sites and a comparison of subscription services. By David A. FryxellBritish IntelligenceBoost your UK-research IQ with these smart strategies for tracing English, Scottish and Welsh roots. By Rick CrumeState Research GuidesTrace your ancestors across the USA! This issue's special pullout section features how-to articles and resource sheets for:
  • Louisiana
  • Wisconsin
Stash these guides in your research binder or tote them to the library—and quickly find the essential facts, advice and resources you need to trace your family tree anywhere in the country.How to Be a Good AncestorDon't let your research wind up in the trash heap—preserve it in a form your family will appreciate. These 16 project ideas will help you leave a family history legacy. By Sharon DeBartolo CarmackGood WorksWho knew that the New Deal produced a plethora of family tree tools? The secret's out, thanks to our rundown of WPA-created resources. By Paula Stuart-WarrenJob HuntingYou don't have to be a workaholic to explore your family's employment history—just use these tricks to discover your ancestors' trades. By David A. FryxellCOLUMNS & DEPARTMENTSOut on a LimbHonoring the women in your family tree. By Allison StacyMaking ConnectionsResponses from readers.Branching OutWhat's new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history, including: • A Civil War descendant's special delivery • Another DNA-database debut • UK record site-ings • Baltimore's harbor for African-American history. By Diane HaddadLiving HistoryWinter's coolest history and heritage events, including: Honoring Maryland's Jewish immigrants ... Punching the clock in New York ... Sugar-coating history in Massachusetts. By Lauren EisenstodtPreserving MemoriesCornering your family photos, plus more tips and tools to archive your ancestry. By Anne WilburNow What?House-name hassles and diary-publishing puzzles—you asked, we answer.Everything's RelativeHorse thieves, swine stealers and more tales from the lighter side of family history.The ToolkitLearn how to feast on the cornucopia of resources at the New England Historic Genealogical Society's revamped Web site. Plus: • Ways to ward off spyware and adware • Tips for foreign correspondence • Online city directories roundup • In honor of Women's History Month, five books to broaden your perspective on female ancestors. Edited by Lauren EisenstodtPhoto DetectiveHow group dynamics can help you identify old images. By Maureen A. TaylorTime CapsuleDean Martin's daughter depicts her dad's start in showbiz. By Deana Martin
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