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“I spit in a tube and learn my genetic makeup. Is that it?” Not even close! Your DNA test results are the first step, not the last. This ebook will not only assist you in choosing a test, but also help you analyze your DNA data accurately and solve your toughest DNA challenges. If you’re looking for answers about DNA testing, consider your search over.The DNA Problem Solver features the latest information about DNA testing services, tools, recommendations and application techniques. With advice from industry experts, you’ll discover solutions to your most difficult DNA dilemmas.

What’s Inside

DNA Problem Solver features:

  • Essential information on DNA testing companies, deciphering your DNA results, and how to get more out of your data
  • Expert insight into specific DNA-related issues, presented in an easy-to-follow Q&A format
  • Charts and worksheets that can be filled out directly in the eBook—plus clickable links to recommended products and services

Who Should Get This eBook

You’ll love DNA Problem Solver if…

  • You want to know more details about the top DNA testing companies and their privacy policies
  • You’d like to learn how to read, interpret and apply your test results
  • You’re curious to know more about using your DNA results in your genealogy research

Excerpt: Sample Questions

Here are some of the questions our experts answer in DNA Problem Solver:

  1. Do I have to agree to a DNA company’s terms of service?
  2. What should I do with my DNA test results?
  3. Why do siblings with the exact same biological parents have a different genetic makeup?

Contents of DNA Problem Solver:

Part One: Selecting a DNA Test

Take Five: Discover what’s notable and new about the top five DNA testing services—and how you can test with several of them for the price of one.

Privacy Please: Have the millions of DNA test-takers made a grave mistake when it comes to their personal information? Our legal expert answers 19 crucial questions about DNA testing and your privacy.

Part Two: Analyzing and Applying DNA Test Results

Migration Revelation: Learn how AncestryDNA’s new Migrations toll can help you put your ancestors in their place.

Counting Cousins: How, exactly, are you related to the child of your great-great-grandmother’s sister’s son? We’ll explain the steps to calculating cousinhood.

How to Use MyHeritage DNA Matching

Part Three: Diving Deeper with DNA Results

DNA Direction: Not sure what to do now that you have your DNA test results? We’ll outline three “next steps” to help you use your results to make new genealogy discoveries.

Triple Plays: Where do you fit in with your DNA matches? Triangulating a known relationship with unknown matches can reveal the answers. We’ll show you how to do it.

Finding Your Birth Family with DNA: DNA testing has opened a brand new avenue for adopted people to find their birth families.


The DNA Problem Solver eBook (62 pages) comes in PDF format and can be printed out or viewed on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer for easy reference while working with your family memories. 

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