Best Family History Projects eBook

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Have fun with your family tree! These simple family history projects will help you use your research in new and exciting ways, with practical tips and strategies for crafting ancestor-related home decor, printing decorative family trees, writing family stories, and more. You can also get the whole family excited about ancestry with this eBook’s family-friendly genealogy projects for kids and those not (yet) interested in research, plus tips for preserving family recipes and ideas for genealogy gifts.

Who Should Get This eBook

You’ll love the Best Family History Projects eBook if…

  • You want to find new ways of using your research
  • You’d like to share your passion for family history with children or grandchildren
  • You’re looking for the latest tech to help you share and preserve your genealogy

What’s Inside

The Best Family History Projects eBook features:

  • Simple projects that will help you publish your research on home decor or via the written word
  • Tips for using tech tools, mobile apps and genealogy websites to save and share your family history and family photos
  • Strategies for fleshing out your research via DNA research and heritage travel

Excerpt: Sample Tips

Here are some tips you’ll find in the Best Family History Projects eBook:

  1. Experiment with color. Don't be afraid to convert color photos to black-and-white, or vice versa. Play with fun color filters to give images a pop art look or use multiple times in a collage. Just remember not to save over original files!
  2. Write as you work. If you have a specific publishing goal in mind, take notes as you research. Start filling in a research report (for example) as soon as you start a new project—and keep it up as you go. This will help you track your findings in real time, making it easy to reference them later.
  3. Set the best resolution. When scanning photos to share in your projects or with relatives, set the resolution at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or more. If you want to enlarge the photo, go even higher—up to 1200 dpi—and save the file as a TIFF.

Contents of the Best Family History Projects eBook:

Part 1: Family History Crafts and Gifts

  • Show Your Roots: 13 genealogy project and gift ideas
  • Pixel-Perfect Photo Projects: How to manage and share your family photos
  • Picture-Perfect Photo Books: 5 things to include in photo albums
  • Attention Grabbers: Ideas for sharing family history even with nongenealogists
  • Think of the Children: Family history activities to do with kids
  • Making a List: Genealogy gift ideas
  • Family Tree Chart-Printing Services
  • 5 Ways to Display Your Ancestor's Signature
  • Couch Potatoes: 6 cold-weather genealogy projects
  • Made from Scratch: How to preserve and celebrate family recipes

Part 2: Writing and Publishing Your Genealogy

  • Do the Write Thing: Tips for writing your family's story
  • An Open Book: DIY book project ideas
  • Ties That Bind: How to create family history binders

Part 3: Preserving Your Research and Heirlooms

  • Shop and Save: Tools every family archivist should own
  • Heirloom Handoff: What to do with inherited family treasures
  • Damage Control: What to do when you find a damaged family photo
  • Set in Stone: The do's and don'ts of preserving tombstones

Part 4: Doing More with Your Research

  • Family Medicine: How to create a family health history
  • Coming Together: Online tools for planning a family reunion
  • Home Sweet Homeland: Planning a trip to your ancestors' homeland

The Best Family History Projects eBook (116 pages) comes in PDF format and can be printed out or viewed on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer for easy reference while working with your family memories.Portions of this eBook were originally published in Family Tree Magazine.

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