African American Genealogy Cheat Sheet Download

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Researchers of African American family trees face extra challenges in finding old records about their ancestors, particularly during the era of slavery. Keep our quick-reference African American Genealogy Cheat Sheet handy as you research your Black ancestry. The tips, charts and resources will help you find records of enslaved people, free Black people, freedmen, US Colored Troops service members, 20th-century African Americans in the Great Migration, and other Black ancestors.You can download this easy-to-use cheat sheet as a PDF document and start using it right away. Recommended URLs are hyperlinked for one-click access. The African-American Genealogy Cheat Sheet includes:
  • Chart listing 15 important African-American genealogy records and how to find them, including Freedmen's Bureau, Freedman's Bank, census, newspaper, plantation, court, manumission, city directory and other records
  • 6 keys to success for African-American genealogy
  • Checklist for starting your research
  • Step-by-step guide to using the census to locate Black ancestors during slavery
  • African American DNA genetic genealogy Q&A
  • Timeline of major events in African American history
  • Overview of the 20th-century African American Great Migration from the rural South to northern and western cities
  • Resource listing of 40+ black websites, books and organizations focused on Black genealogy and history
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