Lecture Hall - Key Steps for Finding Your German Hometown - October 2024

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Lecture Hall - An Educational Video Series Led by Genealogy Experts

Date:  October 10, 2024 7:00PM ET  

Key Steps for Finding Your German Hometown

Germany has more localized records than the U.S., which makes it challenging to find your German ancestor's village of origin. For most, this location is essential to making progress with genealogy research.Join us for this Lecture Hall where James M. Beidler will walk you through the best methods for locating your ancestor's village. He'll also cover how to deal with common problems that stem from records and historical maps!

In this Lecture Hall session you will learn:

  • Which American records are most likely to yield immigrants’ specific origins
  • What to do when you can’t find the village name on a modern-day map
  • How you can leverage historical maps to find the jurisdictions to which a village belonged
  • Where are the best sources, on- and off-line, for you to use for help


About the instructor:

James M. Beidler is a research-reports editor for Legacy Tree Genealogists. He’s authored four commercially published books—including three on German genealogy— writes “Roots & Branches,” a weekly newspaper column/blog, is a German Life magazine columnist, and is an editor emeritus of Der Kurier, the quarterly journal of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society.


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