Family Tree Magazine Archive (2000–2023)

  • Family Tree Magazine Archive (2000–2023)
  • Family Tree Magazine Archive (2000–2023)
  • Family Tree Magazine Archive (2000–2023)
  • Family Tree Magazine Archive (2000–2023)
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Tap into time-tested genealogy expertise!

This comprehensive digital archive of America’s no. 1 genealogy magazine contains 20-plus years of guidance on how to trace your roots. Navigation is easy with the included app. You can use it to conduct keyword searches of the text and get the information you need fast!

Throughout its history, Family Tree Magazine has helped genealogists of all experience levels find their ancestors. Leading family historians share the best strategies for all facets of your research: finding and analyzing records, organizing and digitizing files, using websites and tech tools, taking and understanding DNA tests, researching your ethnic heritage, interviewing relatives, preserving photos and heirlooms, writing family stories, and more.

The archive contains:

  • PDFs of every issue of Family Tree Magazine from 2000 to 2023—more than 150 issues in total
  • An easy-to-install app for browsing issues on your computer
  • The ability to keyword-search issues’ text
  • A clickable index (curated by the editors of Family Tree) to help you find articles important to your research, such as tutorials and guides to marriage records
  • A convenient USB drive, perfect for toting to archives, genealogy society meetings, or family reunions

To use the Family Tree Magazine Archive, you’ll need a device with a USB 2.0 port.

Note that information in each issue of Family Tree Magazine was accurate as of its original publication. Some details—such as weblinks, information about tech tools or websites, and promotional offers—may have changed since the issue was originally published. The editors of Family Tree have strived to exclude obviously out-of-date articles from the clickable archive index.

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